No Agent? No Problem!

Tour your dream home today with safe and secure technology.

SelfHomeTour’s advanced technology allows you to tour MLS Listings without the assistance of a Real Estate Agent. Register for a SelfHomeTour online or on the app and complete our one-time AI-powered fraud detection screening and background check. Once approved, you’ll be able to open our SelfHomeTour lockboxes with your blutooth enabled smart phone.

Browse Homes for Sale on our Platform

Real Estate Agents who are listing a home for sale can opt-in to Self Home Tours allowing you to tour their listings at your convenience with no pressure. Use our mobile app or browser plug-in to see which homes can be tours using Self Home Tours in your area.

Schedule your Appointment

Request an appointment that fits your schedule. Self Home Tours will coordinate with the Seller and Seller’s Agent to schedule a private no pressure tour.

Access the Property

Check-in and unlock the home via the Self Home Tours Mobile App. The app with securely unlock the lockbox with a blutooth enabled smart phone during your approved appointment window.

How it Works


Download the App

Download the Self Home Tours mobile app and/or browser plug-in.


Browse Homes

Browse homes available for a Self Home Tours in your area, using our website or mobile app. Or get alerts from our mobile app or browser plug-in when you when you’ve found a home available for SelfHomeTour using any other home search app or website.


Schedule a tour

Schedule an appointment time that works best for you.
*Requires identity verification.

Get Started

Unlock the Door

Visit the property and use the Self Home Tours mobile app to unlock the door with a blutooth enabled smart phone.


Tour the Home

Enjoy your no pressure private SelfHomeTour for up to one hour.


After your visit

Rate the home or ask a question about the property.

Let us know you're interested!

We'll contact you when the app is available.

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